Escape Game: The Cannibal of Paris

What a wonderful surprise to come home to. ‘Tomorrow we are going to an escape game- the most gory in all of Paris’. Naive to think that it was something of an over-exaggeration. However….. after reading the initial introduction, and not so surprising, limited explanation on the website, followed by a plethora of reviews which screamed of an insane realism in the experience, I began to get a bit anxious.

This was just the beginning…

The Setup

“Sadistic, terrifying and cruel, the Cannibal of Paris will not spare you if you do not manage to escape.
Prepare for a blood-curdling experience!
It all started at 57 rue de Maubeuge in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, one evening in 1972, following a violent argument, a man dealt his wife a fatal blow. Not knowing how to get rid of the body, he decided to cut it up, then the thought occurred to him to taste a piece. This experience was a revelation for him and will be the first in a long bloody series …
Very naive you were …, you thought you came to participate in a game but you are in reality trapped.”

Taken from: You have sixty minutes website

All the information that you have. Great. If this does not even begin to incite the slightest bit of fear or doubt into you then I congratulate your efforts.

When you arrive at there, close to Gare du Nord, you realise rather quickly that this is going to be an intense sixty minutes:

The building itself is blacked out windows, with a sign asking you to wait until you are called in. You can see a figure staring at you, a hand sometimes slams against the window.

The groups that come out before you are still recovering from such an experience- if they even come out at all.

A creepy voice beckoning your group onwards in the dark abyss that awaits you. In the darkness, standing silent, is a figure who comes straight out of your nightmare…

….but he is not even your host, merely an introduction to that which is to come!

The Game Begins

Have you ever done an escape game before? If the answer is no, then maybe you will be just as lost in this endeavor as I was. At times, especially the beginning, it was difficult to work out whether or not you were living in a horror film or not. As you sit there in the dark, with your heart pounding, it is that voice at the back of your head asking ‘what if this is not a game?’.

The actors from the You Have Sixty Minutes company have definitely done all that they could in order to make the experience as immersive as it could possibly be. They degrade you, terrorise you, push your senses and adrenaline to a limit that you cannot even begin to describe; the stomach-wrenching feeling that every decent horror film gives you- this is a promise from the moment you take your first steps into the chasms of your future hell.

Terror Time

There were two parts for me which incited the most amounts of fear. The beginning and the end. All the rooms that you go into are so immersive, with scratches down the wall, dirt and dust, blood and bones, metal pipes and chains; the sounds of being followed the entire way through the chaotic labyrinth, the banging and screaming, even the olfactory senses flare in dissatisfaction.

This brings us to the actual mission at hand, Escaping. Needless to say the puzzles are designed to have some complexity to them, although they are mainly searching for things in the darkness. This may be easier than most of the other escape games that I have seen a review for, however, in the paranormal gloom, the stress inducing sounds and the constant and prominent fear that the you need to run at any moment, there is that added level of difficulty.

THE END was just scary as you are racing against an ever present clock to leave, with the thought solely of trying to avoid another encounter with your courteous host…..

All in all

This is not a room for those who just want to have a gentle type of a gameplay- even if the puzzles are somewhat obvious after you think about them. You are warned when you book the tickets that you can are giving consent to all of the above- to be tortured in all psychological ways and be on the verge of thinking that your blood is about to be the next on the walls.

I have heard that the number of people who do not make it to the end is quite high, as is also the number who have a panic attack. So I recommend whole-heartedly to give this game a go, just know that you have been warned…..

Nothing can truly prepare you!

Check out their website and make this part of your visit to the beautiful city, if you dare!

Why not practice some French for you visit here!

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